Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Door County, Wisconsin

Well, my blogosphere friends, no one guessed from my last post, but I am in Wisconsin for the week. I just got back from a few days relaxing up in Door County, enjoying fudge and cheese curds and cherry wine. Mmmmmm :)

Of course, I had to try a Door County fish boil while I was up there. Us bears love fish, you know! However, I'm not very good at catching my own fish -- my arms are just too little, you see -- compared to my grizzly bear cousins. The idea of having a nice fisherman cook up a pot of fish and onions and potatoes just for me was a very nice one. When they threw the kerosene on the fire for the boil-over, the fireball and heat were ridiculous! See how surprised I look? It was a good thing they fed me after that.

The next day, I decided that I should make sure to exercise a little while I was sight-seeing, so we went to Peninsula State Park and did some hiking around. One of the highlights of the park is Eagle Tower, which is 75' tall and lets you see beautiful views of Eagle Harbor. I made sure to take lots of pictures to prove that I did exercise, as my figure is not proving anything these days.

Here is the view of the tower from the bottom, and me halfway up:

It is a long climb for a little bear!

Here I am at the top -- the view was beautiful!And then to add to the fun factor, I decided I was tired of walking. Every now and then I am adventurous -- so I took the fast way down off of the Tower and jumped down to a friend! Wahoo!!!!
More adventures to come soon!

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