Saturday, February 14, 2009

Cancun, Mexico!

Well, I am officially an International Bear of Adventure now! I traveled to Cancun Mexico this past week, for a wedding celebration and a lot of other fun throughout the long weekend. The best part was that the Mexican authorities didn't stop me at the border -- as you see, I've misplaced my passport on other travels. I wonder how you say "Rogue Bear" in Spanish?

Anyway, I tried to blend in with the natives by trying on their local hat, the sombrero. How do I look?

I also enjoyed the local foods -- I sampled the paella from my friend Ben, and also had a drink (or 8, I forget?) on the beach. I even learned some Spanish for that : Mas cervezas, por favor! The shades help me stay incognito and posh looking, don't you think?

Now, I realized that if I just sat around and drank on the beach and ate all kinds of wonderful Mexican food, I would just get fatter and rounder...which would make it hard to stay fit for travel! So I did take a day trip down to the ruins at Tulum where I hiked around to work off all of those wonderful empanadas and camarones and margaritas!

Ole! Mexico was a wonderful place to visit... when I get my hunny money saved up again, we'll have to see where my next adventure takes me!