Monday, June 15, 2009

San Francisco!

Sometimes a bear just needs a nice long weekend getaway... so this past weekend I headed up North on a commuter flight to San Francisco to see my friend Katie & see her new city. The San Francisco area is beautiful -- lots to see and do! Here I am at her place in Sausalito -- I love all the houses stacked up into the hills. I should have done some walking up and down the steep streets, but as you can tell from my physique, my little legs get tired too quickly carrying around my body!

Instead of exercising, I did what Poohs do best -- I indulged! We drove out to Sonoma Wine Country on Saturday and enjoyed some samples. I was hoping for a honey wine, but no such luck. I did get a little crazy -- Katie had to talk some sense into me.

On Sunday, we took the ferry to Downtown Sausalito and did some serious walking around the piers, Fisherman's Wharf and headed to one of my most priority destinations... Ghiradelli Square! I had eaten too much sourdough bread at Boudin and could only nibble on some chocolates, though. Next time I go, I'll get the big ice cream sundae...I wonder if they would put hunny on top for me?! That would be fantastic!

One of the nicest parts of my travels is seeing new places and things, but I also like getting to meet nice new people. On the ferry, I met Paul & Carmen on the way to San Francisco, and then we met again on the way home! I told Paul all about my day -- he was very interested in where I had gone. I even got this nice picture of the 3 of us to remember them by -- and I told them about my awesome blog. I hope they enjoy reading about my adventures too!

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