Friday, March 27, 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

I have to say that Las Vegas is a little too fast-paced for this Pooh bear. I felt intimidated by the blackjack and craps tables, plus there was the problem that I couldn't see onto the table from the seats without sitting ON the table -- darn being short -- and in Vegas, they get picky about you sitting on the table and being all close to the cards and dice and things. I would have loved an action shot of me winning the Vegas jackpot, but it didn't quite happen on this trip -- though I did meet this very nice jester at Harrah's!

I enjoyed going to the buffets also -- though in Las Vegas, there is more butter and jam on the breakfast bar than hunny. I had to look very carefully to find it and get my fix! I also had one of those big yard-long frozen drinks, whee!!

After all of that food, I had to do some walking on the Strip to work off those extra calories. Sometimes I needed a friend to hold my hand so I didn't go tottering off into traffic after those drinks! There is really no better place to walk and see the sights and people watch than Las Vegas -- next time I go back, I'll have to remember my camera when I have that drink and show you my other favorite spots!

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