Sunday, December 14, 2008

Baking day!

On Saturday, I decided that I would take advantage of the cooler weather and holiday spirit and have a baking day. It was only in the upper 50's or so, and having the oven on didn't overheat the apartment, which is much appreciated by the humans.

I first made a loaf of bread in the BreadMaker... it's Italian herb bread and very good, especially because I added extra herbs. I sense a good grilled cheese sandwich in my future this week... or maybe some BLTs? Mmmm, I get hungry just thinking about it. You know, I didn't realize until I saw this picture that I am about the same size as a 1 pound loaf of bread! Ha!

Then, because it just wouldn't be the holidays without them, I made a batch of Peanut Butter Kiss cookies. I got extra festive and added some red and green sugar to the rolling sugar, so they are way Christmasy. Here I am with one of the plates while they were cooling...I'm glad that we remembered to get out the holiday snowflake plates and use them this year! It's nice to have all the snow at least in spirit, until I head to Wisconsin in a few weeks and have my fill of snow in real life!

Now to quality test all of these tasty treats... thanks for checking my blog!

1 comment:

meg said...

I have all the supplies for cookies. Do you think I can turn tasties in to my prof in lieu of a term paper?